Project: DL-44 ANH

Scale: 1:1
3D Printed, Anycubic Mono X, Resin Grey

Design credits: Skylu 3D

We wil guide you step by step in the process of building this blaster.
You can find the KIT in the regular shop.
If you have any questions feel free to send us a message on Facebook or Patreon or by mail.

Pictures during the build will be added randomly, later on it will be more organized.

The model DL-44 ANH - Right side view

Left side view

The parts

Support setup for the addons

Previous built of a free model, less accurate, still nice.

When our new model is finished we will compare the two.

Parts done printing

Drying after cleaning in alcohol and water.

Everything came out nice, a little cleanup needed on the support points, other then that I love the sharp detail and with no failure on any of the parts. So far I love this new resin printer.

Making the trigger functional

Making the barrel ad don fit on the old barrel

Resin is good but still needs sanding and cleaning up

Added the radial engine part

Assembling the scope mount

Sanding tip, add high gloss black, it reveals everything.

Finished the DL-44 ANH

I apologize on this one, I kinda got carried away in the process, when I realized I forgot to shoot some extra pictures for you guys I was almost ready. For sure I will build more of these so I will dd some extra pictures in the near future.