a steady growing business located in The Netherlands. Mainly focused on Star Wars based props and blasters. We created a great collection of blasters for the fans of Star Wars so they can experience their fandom in home or at a convention.

Quality and accuracy are our main goal and we are always looking to improve both. We listen to what the community has to say to accomplish that goal.


As Star Wars is our main focus for the love of it, we are not blind for all the other cool stuff the pop culture has to offer so we try to expand our prop building in other areas.


Note: our props are unlicensed and just an impression of the starwars universe, for licensed props we advice you to go to the TM supported sellers.

We value our designers and we respect their creative  commons, all designs in our shop are our own or bought with that in mind. 

Owner and founder of 3D-propsNL, Eelco Sengers
Owner and founder of 3D-propsNL, Eelco Sengers