a steady growing business located in The Netherlands. Mainly focused on SW based props and blasters. We created a great collection of blasters for the fans of SW so they can experience their fandom in home or at a convention.

Quality and accuracy are our main goal and we are always looking to improve both. We listen to what the community has to say to accomplish that goal.


As SW is our main focus for the love of it, we are not blind for all the other cool stuff the pop culture has to offer so we try to expand our prop building in other areas.


Note: our props are unlicensed and just an impression of the starwars universe, for licensed props we advice you to go to the TM supported sellers.

We value our designers and we respect their creative  commons, all designs in our shop are our own or bought with that in mind. 

Owner and founder of 3D-PROPS, Eelco Sengers
Owner and founder of 3D-PROPS, Eelco Sengers


DIY stands for " DO IT YOURSELF" so in its essence it means you got yourself a prop only you need to prepare, assemble and paint it.


DIY KITS is our main business as it safes time cost and gives fun and satisfaction for the client.

And most clients have something that we always lack and that is time. Taking time for a project is always the biggest factor to success. 

Of course we try to make things easy for you so we try to make the parts in the best quality we can and as clean as we can make it by removing support and impurities. 


We add the needed screws, tubes and other hardware parts so assembling will be easy.

You might need to drill a hole and tap a thread in a hole for a screw  and some parts need a bit of glue.


  1. cheaper
  2. full control
  3. faster
  4. less risk with customs
  5. satisfaction
  6. freedom to modify
  7. easier to add electronics


A collection of our finished / painted props made by us.
A collection of our finished / painted props made by us.


Recommended to buy DIY if youre from:

  • State of New York
  • Switzerland
  • Philippines

Getting a painted prop by our hand is possible.
And it is something we love to do. Unfortunately time is a big factor in our business  and making the perfect prop and paint job cost time.
That is why it is "expensive", to give you an idea.

If we charge €150,- for a paint job and we charge €15,- p/h we have 10 hours to do the job.
For those who have made their own props before know that this is a very small window of time to do a good job. We take pleasure in what we do but we have to do it in a time frame. If you're okay with that we are here to help you out.

Do you want that super clean and crisp factory fresh look and you have a very high standard.We advice you to go for DIY as time wont be a factor.

NOTE: our props are painted just as in the pictures, same quality, same style!




We work on order, this means, order comes in, the process starts. So we dont have a stock of the shelf.


Once your order is placed your order gets in the end of the queue. The queue determines the approximate time to the day of shipping.  

Due to the high amount of orders and paint jobs requested the current waiting time is around 8-9 weeks and in some case longer.

Good work and quality takes time and what we refuse to do is speed things up if it affects one of those.


We work in batches what means that we try to pick one type of blaster out of all orders and print a set of 4 or 5. Doing this safes a lot of time but will cause some to have their order faster and some a little later. Overall in the long-term it will bring back the production and waiting time.


Being patience, will be rewarded!

Feel free to contact us about your order.



Shipping time depends of your location and the day the shipment it processed by us. Within the EU its takes between 2-7 days depending of the destination. Outside the EU it takes around 5-15 days depending on the destination.


We use Post NL as our main parcel service.
They accept the biggest parcels for the best price and their service is pretty solid.




We use quality cardboard boxes and packing material. Some of the cost is calculated within the shipping cost.


If the parcel is damaged on delivery!
Take photos before opening with date stamp. Unpack it taking photos all the way, Inspect the prop and take photos of the damage.
Contact us by mail and send us all the photos.
We will start a case with PostNL




All our packages above have insurance, if it gets lost or damaged we are able to start a case with PostNL. If a package is lost it can take up to a couple of weeks before they are able to settle.