The whole idea will be that we will create a new project from A to Z and document it step by step. Also providing tutorials, videos, and files so you can make your own prop just like we did. What you can expect from us is written guides, photo/video tutorials, a shopping list, and the files for your own project depending on the tier you're in. We will take on projects from our own files but also from 3rd party designers and builders. We will guide you to their website or page so you can support them too!

Support 3D-PROPS
We are working with guys and girls with autism and trying to teach them how to be creative with 3D printing. With supporting us we are able to create new projects for them and give them the tools they need.


With The Tinkerer Tier (MAX)

  • You get access to our complete post archive.
  • Exclusive voting power on our poll for new projects to come.
  • Full access to all our tutorials on our website and YouTube channel.
  • General support, ask questions, and help regarding your project from our Patreon page.
  • Get a one-time 15% discount but expect to get random discounts too!
  • Get full access to our file shop that will grow with each project.
  • You will get a download link to get the files on the project we are working on so you can DIY on the go. These can be exclusive 3D-PROPS files or 3rd party free for personal use files.