Project: DH-17 ANH

Scale: 1:1
3D Printed, CR-10 V2, PLA

Design credits: Skylu 3D

We wil guide you step by step in the process of building this blaster.
You can find the KIT in the regular shop.
If you have any questions feel free to send us a message on Facebook or Patreon or by mail.

Pictures during the build will be added randomly, later on it will be more organized.

If you can find a metal tube 32x370MM try to get that, it will offer a better base to build your blaster around. PVC or acrylic will do also.

When you start setting up your printing, note that all parts are best printed solid / 100% infill.
this adds extra weight and strength. Also with only two outer walls most parts will print faster because infill is printed faster compared to walls.


Just dont try to save a buck on a print by printing with low infill, the life span of your prop will be a lot shorter.

Sometime you have a part that needs to be strong but due to the print layers it tends to snap on impact or force.
Sometimes you need detail to pop out sharp but it needs support what ruins it. Sometimes a part is just to long and to slim so it tends to fall over midd print. The flip technique works great in this case! Just duplicate the item and flip it Y: 90 degrees and the other Y: -90 degrees and print it without all the problems above.