1. Check you parts and clean them from left over support and impurities.

Add the big tube into the main barrel. Push the tube to the far end of the barrel.

2. Add the steel pipe to the ported barrel and guide it trough the barrel connector.

3. The barrel connector should be 50/50 in both barrels.

Glue both barrel side together. 

4. Glue the exit shield to the barrel.

5. Add the end cap to the barrel and also glue the cap lock in its place.


6. Add the nozzle to the barrel and make sure the high part is on the right side  as shown in the picture.

Screw the nozzle in its place with the two M5 socket caps. No glue needed!



7. Assembling the trigger group and grip.
Add the connector and glue it in place, add two screws to secure it to the barrel.

8. Place the trigger group over the connector after you placed the trigger, optional is to add a spring to the trigger and even a micro switch to trigger the optional electronics.


Screw the two M4 headless screws in the trigger group al the way trough the connector holes.
This will secure the trigger group on the barrel.


9. Add the grip on the trigger group and screw it on with the two M5 Round screws.

Glue the trigger guard and the selector in place.


10. Assembling the retractable stock.

Combine the parts as show in the picture.

11. Glue the two stock lock parts together and add it to the main body. There is a similar space that matches the lock.


12. Add the two tubes to the butt-stock, you might need to add a little gentle hammer force to push them in place.


13, Add the extended butt stock and glue it in place. Slide the stock onto the stocks body.
You can fix the position by gluing it or leave it as it is so you can adjust it. If its to loose spray a varnish over the tube, this will add friction to it.


14. Add the end plate and screw it on with the two M5 round screws


15. Lock the retractable stock to the barrel on the end cap with a M5 round screw.